“Up! Up! Up!”


We are delighted to partner with the talent and passion of VictoryChimp in this limited edition Fine print.


The print captures a moment in every ride of freedom, where the choice of direction is open and the rider is smoothly balanced with his machine. Ryan’s work, like our garments are driven by love of the sport.”


Our inspiration is our customers arriving back home, stylish, with warm hands and dry shoulders. Viewing VictoryChimp’s work is in your home, will rebuild these glorious memories, of time spent behind the handlebars of this wonderful sport.




  • Edition of 100 (50 from Victory Chimp, 50 from Galibier)
  • Fine art Giclee print on 300gsm recycled stock
  • Each print is individually signed and numbered
  • 40cm x 50cm
  • Sold unframed, designed to fit IKEA frames


“Inspired by the pivotal moment in a bittersweet love of climbing. When one final effort is made before enjoying the spoils of your labour; the feeling of deep satisfaction and quiet as you crest the top of a climb and roads unknown are laid out for exploration. A feeling only achieved under your own steam and one that has us seeking out more of those roads twisting into the sky while we can still feel the last in our legs.”  VictoryChimp


Check out the rest of his portfolio


NB: if it is for a present, please include a note with payment and alternate address.


Shipped ,(free as always) in a protected cardboard tube. unframed

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