Surveillance Precision Optics


Protective, cycling specific eyewear.

Evoking the stylish eye shades of the 1950’s; Our Surveillance glasses are constructed with modern lens technology and advanced, ergonomic frame design – Superb optical clarity and protection in a wide range of conditions.


The ultra fine, polycarbonate lens presents the rider with the maximum, available field of vision for full framed sunglasses. It also protects from 100% of UV rays and incorporates a bespoke anti-fog system, which directs a stream of air from the forehead, to the back of the lens. The simple frame design is the result of 50 years of experience by our partner factory, leaving them totally secure on the head via effective ergonomics, without feeling tight.


The three Variations all come with a Soft case which can be used to clean the lens and hard case, to keep them safe.



Matt Black frame with Smoke Plasma Mirror lens.



16%2Medium to Bright LightNeutralMedium to bright light. Excellent all-purpose Mirror lens offering truer color perception in sunny conditions.


Gloss White Frame with Polarized Smoke lens



16.6%3Enhanced ContrastContrastPolarised features a unique filter that balances light waves to provide rich, vibrant colour and enhanced visual contrast. Helping you judge depth and distance.

TortiseShell Frame with Gold Plasma Lens



Gold Plasma(Vented) Lens16%3Medium to Bright LightContrastMedium to bright light. Improves visual acuity. Features an Plasma coating to further tune contrast and reduce glare.




The first consideration in performance sunwear- all Plasma lenses offer 100% protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light.



Plasma lenses reduce the amount of Blue Light that enters the eye, resulting in greater contrast between colors and a more pronounced brightness of objects.



HEV light has been implicated as a cause of age-related macular degeneration. Plasma lenses block these harmful rays, effectively managing HEV  light and offering further protection to the eye. Revo lenses block all harmful rays between 280 and 400 nm, managing HEV light and controlling the critical area of 380-455nm.



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Features & Sizing
  • Our glasses have past internal crash test and UV protection.
  • Best suited to bright lighting conditions
  • Polarised to protect against blinding reflections
  • 100% protection against UV rays
  • Wraparound design for extended field of vision
  • Compatible with any helmet
  • Acetate frame construction

External test results  by RPL Optics LTD T/A Optical Appliance Testing Service (OATS)

Impact resistance, strength level 1   Pass                    (ANSI Z80.3 2010 Impact Resistance)

Transmittance & filter category      16.65%    Cat: 3

Wide Angle Scattering                       0.69%   Pass

Astigmatic power                               0.013% Pass

Frame deformation & filter retention          Pass

Uniformity                                              01.83  Pass

UV Absorption/Transmittance                      Pass      (Cat 3)


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