Natural Cork tape


A natural and durable handle bar covering tape.

The classic cork ribbon design provides ultimate grip, reduces vibration and improves comfort on road bike handlebars. All whilst looking superbly stylish. 

Our Italian glove manufacturer also produces natural cork tape with an EVA Foam backing. We chose to add bar tape to our range to mirror the contact of our existing mitts and those in design; to give the complete, contact control.

The benefit of Cork ribbon is that it provides good grip in both wet and dry conditions, better than most synthetic tapes on the market.  At under half, normal retail cost-  as a high functioning product, at low cost- it sits well with our range.

Natural cork bar tape has been around for nearly two decades and is as good today as it was back then. Stretchy enough to create smooth turns around your bars. Fantastic cork grip with enough cushioning for all conditions.

Long lasting, comfortable and providing great grip it includes chrome plastic end plugs and coordinated finishing tape.

Normal retail is £12.99



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Features & Sizing

One size will fit all road/cross/gravel bikes.

  • Colours: Black and white
  • Original cork ribbon design
  • A soft material for ultimate comfort
  • Self adhesive backing
  • 2 rolls for one set of handlebars.
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