Natural Chamois cream


An ALL natural skin and chamois cream designed to increase a cyclists’ ride quality in the saddle by eliminating the potential of chafing and the prevention of saddle sore development. Post ride, the cream also works to eliminate existing saddle sores through use as a salve when sleeping.

The Chamois Creme is formulated to reduce friction, inflammation and discomfort. Applied to the skin, it gives a soothing (melaleuca oil), cooling effect (peppermint) and applied to the short it helps maintain suppleness, elasticity and freshness.

Apply a thin layer directly to the skin (avoid intimate areas) before each ride.

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Features & Sizing

ALL natural formula with peppermint oil, cocoa seed butter,  sunflower seed oil, melaleuca oil, hamamelis, the Wu-Chu-Yu herb and organic silicone compounds to produce friction-free protection. (vegan)

59ml  (2oz)


Recycle plastic jar please.

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