Precise Multi tool


An essential tool for every ride to fix roadside problems.

A good multi-tool will accompany you on all of your rides so needs to be reliable. Our Multi Tool comes equipped with all the essential trailside or roadside tools, so should be able to practically strip a bike down completely using our Precise tool.

It includes all of the correct sized Allen keys and a T25 Torx key, commonly required for modern bikes. Beside these, are both screwdriver heads and a durable a chaintool which will work for both 10 and 11 speed a spoke key and two tyre levers.  All of the tools are made of chromium-vanadium alloy steel for durability and performance.


1.Hex 3mm

2. Star T25

3. Flat head screwdriver

4. Hex 2mm

5. Chain Breaker-  10/11 speed

6. Philips head screwdiver

7. Hex 7mm

8.Hex 5mm + Hex 8mm (Attachment)

9. Hex 6mm

10. Tyre lever

11. 3rd hand Chain hook

12. Spoke key 14G

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Features & Sizing

Size: 98mm by 40mm by 19mm

Weight:   166 grams

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