Ardennes Shield Optics

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Performance eyewear built for protection at speed.

The Shield frameless OPTICS,  are constructed from advanced polycarbonate materials to result in a flyweight 28g .  The profile was designed from existing and perceived airflow modelling on a cyclist. The result is an aerodynamic profile which yields a full panoramic field of vision. With superb Cat3 rating for clarity, they offer total protection for cycling, on and off road.

All options offer CE UV400-protection with Cat3 sun rating on the Black Plasma.  The same layer that creates the form of the glasses etches our logo onto the lens

ALL four Variations all come with a Soft bag which can be used to clean the lens and neoprene case, to keep them safe inside kit bag.


The key to the crisp optical clarity of these Ardennes glasses is the innovative production method for the lens, which is heat formed from a large square of flawless polycarbonate. The process creates a smooth shape with contours in two directions to process the airflow over your face. The centre section of each piece (163*59mm) is laser cut and the remainder recycled. It is this section that has the least distortion after the shape is formed. The lens is then finished with a permanent Plasma coating* to reduce glare and blinding reflections.

  • Clear Plasma – Low light and dull conditions Plasma reflective to reduce glare.
  • Black/Red  Plasma lens – Medium to bright light. Excellent all-purpose Mirror lens offering truer colour perception in sunny conditions.  14.5% light transmittance

  • Bronze – Changeable riding conditions with Low light enhancement.

*(Not on bronze option)

All offer:




The first consideration in performance sunwear- all Plasma lenses offer 100% protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light.




Plasma lenses reduce the amount of Blue Light that enters the eye, resulting in greater contrast between colours and a more pronounced brightness of objects.




HEV light has been implicated as a cause of age-related macular degeneration. Plasma lenses block these harmful rays, effectively managing HEV  light and offering further protection to the eye. Revo lenses block all harmful rays between 280 and 400 nm, managing HEV light and controlling the critical area of 380-455nm.



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Features & Sizing
  • Our glasses have past internal crash test and UV protection.
  • 100% protection against UV rays
  • Wraparound design for extended field of vision
  • Compatible with any helmet
  • One size does fit all
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on lens
  • High-strength T6 high-performance polymer legs
  • Low profile integrated hinge
  • Frameless lens design
  • Detachable, replaceable rubber nosepads for multiple fits
  • Rubber temple grip on frame arms
  • High reflectivity mirror to reduce glare and blinding reflections
  • Weight – 28g

External test results  of the RED/Black Plasma Lens only by RPL Optics LTD T/A Optical Appliance Testing Service (OATS)

Impact resistance, strength level 1   Pass                    (ANSI Z80.3 2010 Impact Resistance)

Transmittance & filter category      13.66%     Cat: 3

Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Ardennes Shield Optics

  1. Niki (verified owner)

    Bought a pair of the clear plasma glasses after various experiments using glasses with removable lenses and even a photochromic pair, but wasn’t happy with either of those. These are great! I’m already a massive fan of Galibier’s Surveillance sunnies which I use on sunny days. I bought the clear plasma ones for early mornings / overnights / cloudy days, and they just work. They look great, they fit (in fact I feel like I’m not wearing anything), the fit in my helmet vents easily. They fog up a bit when I stop (to be honest I’ve never found a pair that don’t), but are very quick to clear again. I’m a big fan!

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    Great glasses, fit very well and are rugged enough to survive a fall (i threw them across a road by accident when a wasp got into my helmet). Going to order another pair.

  3. Dave Bellini (verified owner)

    At last a pair of glasses that fit my wide head. Searched high and low but every pair I bought were too tight until now. They don’t steam up either. Going to buy another pair

  4. Zaid (verified owner)

    Fantastic pair of sunglasses. Fits perfectly with no vision obstruction at all. Tiny slippage on exceptionally rough roads but apart from that you forget it’s there.

  5. Remy Halliday (verified owner)

    Bought the Black Plasma/Black frame. Used on 5 rides so far.

    1st ride was clear blue sky and sun all the way round…no misting or slipping
    So far the other rides have been very changeable with cloud/sun/cloudy and rising and falling temps….still no fogging.

    Crisp clear visibility,

    100% need to buy another pair for Autum/Winter.

    Standard Galibier….Fantastic quality ….Excellent value for money.

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    purchased a pair of black with mirrored plasma lens. The lenses are great but the fit isn’t. They don’t sit well on my noise, continually slide forward which is annoying and as I got sweatier the frequency of this increased.
    I’m afraid these will probably be consiggned to my in an emergency drawer as I will be looking to buy some from another brand.

  7. Colin

    Quality product from Galibier as always. Light and great fitting glasses, you don’t even know you’re wearing them. Top product again Galibier.

  8. Marty C (verified owner)

    I have 3 pairs of oakley’s in different variations but these are my go -to glasses now. Being a Triathlete and down on the aeros bars the glasses cover right up to the helmet with no light spots at the top. They are light stay fixed in place. Why pay £150+ these are brilliant.

  9. Mark. k (verified owner)

    received my Ardenne red plasma glasses today (quick delivery) and wore them out today so light on your face hardly notice them on ..the lens is so clear with no fogging up .. another great item from a great company Bravo Galibier

  10. Jan Sweeney

    I wore these yesterday and in the first 3 or 4 miles I checked a couple of times to make sure I actually had them on – (I Know, I’m a bit slow on the uptake) – they are so light and unobtrusive I couldn’t feel I had them on.

  11. Phil Esra (verified owner)

    “Plasma lenses reduce the amount of Blue Light that enters the eye, resulting in greater contrast between colours and a more pronounced brightness of objects.” This accurately matches my experience of these glasses (clear w/plasma). They’re also “fairly” comfortable–so far I’ve done a couple of short rides and one 3-hour ride. I’m not sure they’d fit a small head well–they are on the edge of being too big for my medium-sized head.

  12. elbeardo44 (verified owner)

    Rode using the clear lens version today. Conditions were dreich (breezy and drizzly) but they performed perfectly. No fogging at all, no ‘blind spots’ regardless of your riding position and I swear it felt like they almost repelled the rain AND they were so comfortable which is always an important factor. Will be buying the other versions for all year use too

  13. Stevo M (verified owner)

    Already use the surveillance shades, very stylish for those sunny rides and cruising to the cafe, cooler than the big O! The Ardennes are functional and great for racing or training, just good solid shades, not as trendy but work perfectly. The clear plasma lens have been superb on some brutal epic winter road rides. Fit is spot on and just as good or better than overpriced brands. Remember, two pairs of Galibier glasses are less than one of the big brands. A no brainer… these are perfect. Another sensible product, cannot fault Galibier stuff.

  14. Adrian Brown (verified owner)

    I have the bronze pair. Great fit and wonderful clarity. These are far better than my current high-end branded glasses. I could afford all three variants and still have change for what I paid for the others.

  15. Bryce (verified owner)

    The Ardennes have a lot of potential. Lenses are incredibly crisp and the frameless design allows for great airflow and a bit of road clout. My only gripe is that they feel a bit big and tend to slide off my face (I have a pretty regular-sized head, wear size M helmet). I have also purchased the Surveillance optics from Galibier which fit like a glove so this fit surprised me.

  16. Andy Ewart (verified owner)

    Treated myself to a wee Christmas present. Got the bronze version for typical low light, cloudy, Irish conditions. First time out today on a grey overcast day. Fantastic, crystal clear lenses. Didn’t steam up when I stopped. I think the best compliment I can offer is that I never noticed I was wearing glasses…they are that good. Another excellent Galibier product. I’ll definitely have to get the plasma ones for sunnier days ahead!

  17. Tedshed (verified owner)

    Just received and looking good so far.
    Very fast postage and it was free.
    Well wrapped, comes with cloth sock and glasses case, excellent.
    Light weight, fit perfect, love the clarity and large field of view from the lenses (bronze).

  18. Bazza

    Also fantastic as wrap around glasses for golf helping to reduce eye watering in wind and cold.

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