Repair Service Policy

Galibier offers a free repair service where a crash or accident has damaged a garment, or a failure has occurred, up to 1 year from purchase date.

We use the best available materials and threads, but sometimes they do fail. We will repair ANY garment FREE, so as you get full value and expected life.

We are not magicians, so cannot repair end of life products but we do wish to get your full wear out of your investment and support the rider in the event of an accident. If the garment  has been destroyed in a crash and is under a year old, we will sell you a replacement at our cost.

We aim to have the garment back to you within 1 week after receiving the returned items.

Please return the garment to us with a return address and a note of problem.  

PLEASE ensure the return garment has be washed (what our eyes have seen….!)

Galibier returns

10 parkview st 

bt66  8ql

United Kingdom

If Ireland,  PLEASE use




Co Louth

A91 XD71


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