AQUA Crono 3 overshoe

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In two seconds:

Lightweight, AERO Shoe Covers are ideal in windy and wet weather and offer great aerodynamics for time trialists or anyone else seeking extra speed.


In two minutes:

Our  AeroCrono overshoe just went supersonic for 2017. For 5 years we have been perfecting these and they are honestly on the button. We have removed ALL seams from the main part of the shoe and increased the height of the ankle by 6cms. This means they have to be stitched ‘in shape’ and our factory worked with us, and made a new base for their sewing machines to permit our design. Aero gain is important for racing or time trials as the feet are rotating as well as cutting the air. They have utilised compiled data, from their own wind tunnel time, to advise us of both materials and design.

We chose a silicone-coated 1mm, silicone fired Lycra, which is tight fitting and stretches to fit the shoe exactly. The material is waterproof  and the single line of stitching is internally taped: so will shield off road spray for racing in the rain.

Contoured tailoring for a perfect fit around your ankle . Zoom.


We have included Starlight elastic on each side of the rear mounted zip to ensure perfect fit and leaves the zip closure a breeze. We have widened this for 2017 pro promote air separation of the airflow as it leaves the foot.  This also ensures long life and leaves the tendons and muscles unbothered. A small tap is placed at the back of the heel to assist pulling them on.


Toe and heel feature extra reinforcement against abrasion, and the  so as to ensure increased comfort and water protection. The Velcro strap sole design is compatible with all types of road cleats. Stylish protection from the wind and rain.



These will offer mid range thermal protection, as it is the cold wind that strips the heat from the feet.


A must for TT, training or Road racing in the rain.



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Features & Sizing



  • Highly aerodynamic so it’s great for time trials
  • Weight: 123g (Pair)
  • Composition: 61%PA, 22%PU, 16%EA
  • Double flat stitching
  •  Forward and spray Rain protection
  • Aerodynamic – PU-coated for time trial and road race use
  • Road specific sole design
  • Neat reinforcement on toe and heal area
  • Slippery, Stretchy blanc finish
  • Rear reflective trim




Shoe size (EU) <41 42 – 44 44 – 45 45 – 47  47-50
Shoe size (UK) <6 7-9 9 – 10 10 – 12

Like all overshoes, careful that the O/shoe is not in contact with the ground or cleat and they will last.

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2 reviews for AQUA Crono 3 overshoe

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very easy to use, sleek and functional. Add to that plain and understated design and you have a great product. Tried other market leaders in this department, not a patch on these.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Superb slick overshoes that keep your feet dry and warm.Impeccably constructed,lay over laced road shoes snug and never moved.Worn through a couple of short deluge showers and a constant mist rain shower soaking.No water ingress despite constant road spray from the front wheel.Supreme design again from Galibier!

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