New Peloton kit

On a long, late, spring evening,  sample jerseys painted the table in our design room (that doubles as turbo training suite). One was to be selected to offer as a team kit for 2017. The requirements for choice were simple; to be appealing to most, to speak of our individual passion and to last.The kit needed to fully reflect our soul and style, as it was going to represent us for a season and a half.

shutterstock_108910478.jpg team jerseycorner room

After 2 hours of conversation, pads and lycras were selected but none of the kit designs laid out before, was appealing to all of us. Another bottle was opened before the wall ‘behind’ the pinboard came to life. The feature wallpaper had hung, staring at us for years, morning and evening. It had been cursed at, drawn over, punctured and scratched; but still looked fantastic. The wallpaper was purchased with the birth of our brand in 2008 as it inspired thoughts of the peloton viewed from overhead. Each parallegram joins another to point north and implies speed, direction and an unstoppable forward motion. If the wallpaper had heard all Galibier’s conversations over the last 8 years, we thought it was time to include it. So we bought the graphic design and incorporated it onto our kit vision. Early summer we refined the design, evolved our fit and compiled the best fabrics (6 in the men’s jersey and 7 in the female) for our 2017 Team kit. 3 months in production and here we are. To be presented to supporting riders and available to returning customers, we will launch it in the coming days as the garments, land with us. Delighted.


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